Summer Sandwiches


Summer or Close Enough in Vermont

I am excited for what summer is in Vermont. Today it is going to be over 90 ~ Sunday - 50s. Feels like summer here to me.

The year my wife and I were married in Vermont. It was touted to be the warmest summer on record in the last 25 years, We spent the week before our wedding at Silver Lake in Barnard. The water was entirely too cold for my southern taste and understanding -- it still is. We did however get to experience the Barnard General Store and the Vermont Sandwich -- Wow!

We had a sandwich most everyday while my wife was busy trying not to end up with tan lines that would not look good in her wedding dress, Both were successful. The sandwich culture in Vermont was very new to me. All those ingredients - and not a wrap -- really good bread! Wraps are less messy - but wow good bread was even better.

In the next few weeks, we will begin to offer sandwiches for everyone - especially me, Good bread is the beginning of a great sandwich -- not to thick, not to tough and the right amount of chew. Stop in and check it out.