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Summer Anyone?

Spending summers in Vermont - slowing down to the three months of warm weather

The Hardest Question - Business Questions

About once or twice a year, we really miss what a customer is looking for. It's really aggravating. We ask a lot of clarifying questions but sometimes that just isn’t enough.

Apple picking

As a business owner, dad and community member, we are all marking time. To say this year has been easy is clearly not true - on many levels. However, we have so much to be thankful for here in Vermont.

The Grand Reshuffling

Not everybody knows this, but I was in the USAF for 20 years. For the most part it was a great time. Almost like one of those commercials.

Summer Fruits!

It’s officially summer in VT - that means the blueberry are fresh and the lemons are ripe.

Summer Sandwiches

The year my wife and I were married in Vermont. It was touted to be the warmest summer on record in the last 25 years. We had a sandwich most everyday.


We are into Vermont Summer now. By the end of this week, the days will begin their inevitable reach towards Winter. You think I’m joking. Tomorrow is the summer solstice!

What is Your Inspiration?

As we move forward into Spring and eventually Summer, I am always looking for the next thing that inspires me. What is your inspiration?

Wedding Planning Ideas

Brides can take so many approaches to their wedding, it can make your head swim. Here are some ideas to check out!

Winter Desserts!

Now with Winter really, really, here, I find myself really interested in gooey, fudgy, cobblers and of course stews.