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The Grand Reshuffle

We are on the verge of something great!

Seasons Passing

Enjoying the passing of time with food, family and friends

Summer and Sandwiches

Summer Sandwiches


  As we move forward into Spring and eventually Summer, I am always looking for next thing that inspires me.  When we moved here 15 years ago, it was New England living and my first emersion into pesto. …

Summer and Blue Berries

Lemon Blueberry is a classic combination

Wedding Planning

Planning ahead and getting the best of what you want for your wedding!


Winter foods are a good part of your year!


Putting away Christmas Decorations helps me to plan for this Christmas in 2019.

Music and Desserts!

We offer a variety of desserts for the evenings at the Soiree Sucre.

Make it a Memorable Event!

Lots of the new trends in weddings and catering events call for an interactive guest to experience the event with them. Helping your guess gather and take in your experience will help to create an event to remember!