Winter Desserts!

winter stock photo

I’ve always been so curious – as soon as the summer starts to drawn to the end and my grandmother put the winter quilts on the beds, seemed like we starting to get into stew weather. I suppose the older folks realized these warm meals at night would help us sleep better.

Now with Winter really, really, here, I find myself really interested in gooey, fudgy, cobblers and of course stews. This week we got a little crazy on the coldest day of this week – made 10 Chicken Pot Pies and 6 meals of Chicken and Dumplings – gone in an hour! Some things are still the same!

It got me to thinking…Winter desserts! One of the earliest memories I have is The Waltons, Homecoming. The mom was making applesauce cake – that definitely seems like a winter dessert. The spices, the apples, walnuts, and then a thick cream frosting. All of that is certainly within the mantra of the winter dessert. All of those things are picked in the summer, stored for the winter and offer us nourishment for coldest darkest part of the year.

Think about Thanksgiving, all those harvest foods just feel so good about the end of November! Of course, as are in a more “enlightened” age – keeping the weight off is a double duty.

So we are enjoying our cobblers, dumps, and dumplings right now -- I just can’t seem to get enough – Indulge yourself for a few more weeks!