Wedding and Catering Events to Remember

sundae bar

More is not necessarily better - Remember your mother used to say that? At least mine used to say it all the time. Her idea was that many of the things we did throughout a day or a fun time weren't as much fun as a few things done well and enjoyed.

One of the most current trends of the millennial generation or your people these days are experiences. Experiences over things. Taking the part of the event that brings the most job and sharing it with all around you. Like mother said, sharing is better.

Remember you last dinner party? Where did most people hang out? What were most people doing? At my house, everyone want to help cook ~ and I am ok with that. Letting folks slice, dice, and mix for dinner party brings a communal and participatory aspect to the event. People feel engaged -- they want to be a part. Even at a major catering event, I will often find people heading to the kitchen to lend a hand. Often, they aren't looking to drive, but most just really want to do that - to be a part and help form the event.

This summer, as I personally have several family events planned, I am looking for engage everyone who attends. Everyone brings something, several folks prepare something and everyone gets to build something - their meal. In other happenings people get to build something at the event.

As we gear up for wedding season -- take the stress out it -- knock it down a notch. Sometimes simple is better. How about a build your own ice cream sundae bar? How about a taco bar? There are plenty options are out there. One good option I found was in at article

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