Daylight Savings Time is another Chance -- Take it!

The renewal of Spring every year is so exciting. Seems that the time change (much hated and loved) is the time that really shakes up the system and gives room for rebirth and direction.

The last few years of pandemic time have been a lot to take in. There has just seemed to be one long drudge of pushing through and on. I can’t speak for anyone else but for myself - I’m all good. I recently finished up a 6 year commitment outside of my normal 70 hour a week job. That’s in addition to having a family, and family struggles, dealing with every pandemic crisis, watching the world go to hell, climate change, government ineptitude - you get the picture. Finally, I was looking at the long list of neglected things as I drudged myself up to bed. … and then I remembered …

Daylight Savings Time! While we lose an hour of sleep, I love the time. A reset. Yes, the dog is wandering aimlessly (more so than normal - he’s old). And of course, getting up at the same time is just hard. But look at the bright side, it’s like a second New Year’s Resolution! Cleaning out, clearing up, and moving on.

With my newly found freedom, it's another chance to add to the beauty of life. We added a craft night, game night, and now a karaoke night with CVFUN! I get to enjoy that. We added a Paint and Sip with a friend and business associate from Burlington (she is also from South Carolina and I love talking to her!). We’ve had a successful brunch and have another planned for Easter. I love this stuff! Better than stuff - an experiential good time!

Now, I would love for you all to come down and enjoy – but listen, my real desire is for you to enjoy! Enjoy your life. Enjoy this first burst of Spring. Enjoy this opportunity to add some Spring into your life – and your step. Step on down and see us!