Summer Fruits!

lemon bars

It’s officially summer in VT - that means the blueberry are fresh and the lemons are ripe. Over these summer months there is nothing like eating sweet, delicious fruit, wether it be raspberries, blueberries, strawberries or any of the in between.

We know that blueberries are in their peak season so why not take advantage of their sweet, tart flavor? Especially paired with a hint of lemon, you really can’t go wrong. At delicate decadence we have been perfecting our summer recipes so you can get your sweet tooth on and these are some great options!

We know how to balance flavors well, what grows together goes together, which is why hints of lemon in a fruit tart is exactly what you're looking for. That perfect balance of light sour/sweet flavor is the best way to refresh in the summer. Its not like the fruit is nearly as ripe or juicy in the winter!

To go along with this we also offer cold ice coffee to be paired with your treat. Do yourself a favor and satisfy that inner craving for a freshly baked good, we promise you won’t regret it! Delicate Decadence could not be more happy to set you up with something that will make your taste buds celebrate.