Summer in Vermont

Summer Anyone?

So Summer is here – I honestly feel like a kid again - except with bills. While the world continues to be turmoil over so many things, we in Vermont are enjoying our 3+ months of summer. I can hardly wait. My summer in Vermont seems to run from Memorial Day to The Heritage Festival - after that I am on to other things and the next season.

My oldest daughter hung the hammocks in the trees a few weeks ago - honestly, it was still too cool for me to hang out without a blanket – I am a wimp. The grass has been mowed a few times and we are repotting plants at home this weekend. After 17 years of living in Vermont, I finally decided not to rush spring and stunt my plants with the cool nights - they have been snowed on many, many times.

So Summer. After two years of pandemic, panic and whatever else the world has thrown at us – time to summer (the verb). The British describe “summering” as a hoity toity word that invokes a feeling of snobbery. Not me, I need a break!

I am constantly restarting or creating a new starting point. Summering for me will include some attempted balancing of home and work life. The work crew seems to be getting up to speed, the teenagers at home are finding their own and my indoor plants get a respite from the indoor cat and dog for the summer – I am summering!