Something Cool for Christmas!

gift card

While gathering the proverbial Christmas list from my children, it was clear that dad had almost no rights and has never had any clue of what these girls my like or want.

My children have made it abundantly clear that I just don't know what I am doing - when it comes to shopping. I have assumed the position in the mall or store, sitting, smiling and offering an occasional opinion but only when I am asked. I listen to a lot of podcasts. Christmas won't be much better or will it?

There are lots of webpages and files dedicated to what to NOT but for the Christmas -- Never once did I see gift card.

Delicate Decadence is offering you the opportunity to give the gift of the choice. We have published our meal list for 2018 as well as the ability to buy gift cards on line! We can have you pick them up - the gift received pick them up to mail them for you!

Wow! Christmas suddenly got way easier! Now you can sit, smile and offer an occasional opinion but only when asked.

Merry Christmas!