Sending the Very Best isn't a Mystery


In 1944 when Hallmark started the slogan "when you care enough to send the very best" they knew they had a winner. Sending the very best is something that everyone can identify with and hope to accomplish. After all, it is better to give that to receive -- but receiving isn't bad at all!

In Vermont - local is usually is synonymous with this ideal. We share a bit of ourselves when we share the things we like and want to show the world! We demonstrate our affection for others when we take them out favorite pie, cake or treat. Not everyone has the same things and showing the best of us is a good place to start.

This holiday, think of all the local things that you really like. Do you do our Wednesday night dinner? A gift of a dinner is a great way share with your friends. A carrot cake on a Saturday afternoon or a tiramisu is a way to spend time with friends and send them the very best -- you!