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We are into Vermont Summer now. By the end of this week, the days will begin their inevitable reach towards Winter. You think I’m joking. Tomorrow is the summer solstice and I am excited!

I really enjoy the passing of time. You know, getting older? Actually maybe not that part of it but the passing of time in seasons, foods and people are one of the best parts of the season. Right now we are experiencing Strawberry Rhubarb, bonfires and graduations.

As a business, and a person, we also get to experience the coming and going of seasonal friends that arrive for the change of season. Right now we are waiting on a family that comes up from DC for the summer. They bring news and perspective from the outside world. We get to hear the sides of how things really are for them and their child … and we really look forward to visiting with them.

Enjoy your Solstice, Enjoy your seasons, and enjoy the coming and going of seasonal friends.