Professional Bakers

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About once a week we get a request for a last minute cake or dessert - this past was no difference. Somebody was supposed to do something and then just could complete it. As we approach the end of Winter and get into Wedding season -- we need to remember, there is a good deal of difference between a professional and amateur. The real risk only falls to the recipient. To quote Taylor Swift -- "Are you Ready for it?"

No wedding is complete without a close family member offering to complete some vital part of the wedding. Those are often some of the most enjoyable and memorable parts of a gathering. Remember these decisions come at a risk and the only one really risking is you. Professionals and amateurs have a different motivation and difference levels of resolve.

One of the first things you notice is focus and scopes. As with anything amateurs only accomplish the task as hand. They do a asked and accomplish it as well as they can. Professionals -- good professionals attempt to gather as much information as possible. When we take any cake order, especially a wedding cake order, we are looking for any clues to better find what are you are looking for and really find the desires for wedding or dessert. If you already know exactly what you are looking for an amateur might fit the ticket.

Professionals tend to have a lot of tricks up their sleeve. One of the things I think that really separates amateurs and professionals is compensating. Whether you are planning a big day or any special event, you want it done. Errors, failures and last minute calamities, as something most people don't want to hear it. Professionals have done enough of these events to come across problems and hopefully learn to compensate for them. Many times, correction isn't a possibility. Professionals know when it's time to just start over.

There is a fundamental difference in drivers between amateurs and professionals. While it may seems unimportant, you really want a professional that is looking to create a memorable event and enhance you event. Amateurs often or looking for a quick buck and not necessarily looking for increase their portfolio of great events -- There is a difference and you know it when you see it.

Knowing the difference between amateur and professional is like the difference between named brand and generic. Sometimes it really doesn't matter and sometimes it does. At high points of celebration make sure you know what you've bargained for.