Keeping up with the Seasons - Tastes Change

herb stock photo

I have been exploring the amount of importance that seasons play on flavor and satisfaction when eating. Think about pumpkin spice in the fall, raspberries in the summer and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. All those flavors fill a certain void in us and answer a craving need we have all year long. Why do we want winter foods right now -- Why do they make us feel better?

So we started wondering, what does winter taste like?

As a cook and chef, I try and cook seasonally. Typically, what grows together - goes together. Baking is no different. Right now we are enjoying a surge in lemon.

From the savory side, chicken and dumplings, stews, roasted turkey and pork make me think of winter, my grandparents, and family gatherings.

"I think of roasted chicken and baked ham with rich buttery sauces or preserved huckleberries and lingonberries spiced with star anise," "I guess for me it's the smell of the oven and all the rich pastries and goodies in it. And with that the smell of spice, including unique spices like star anise, juniper and cardamom. Of course with the spices, citrus pairs beautifully. Think orange, clove, cinnamon and cardamom."

Don't forget the clementines!