DIY Wedding Cake vs. Buying From a Pro

wedding cakes

There are a million things to get right if you are going to have that dream wedding you’ve always wanted, and one of the most important of these is the wedding cake. For something that will act as the centerpiece for your event, can you safely leave the baking and preparations in the hands of another? Or is the importance one more reason why you should hand everything over to a pro?

Let’s take a look at your options and the advantages of each.

Assuming the burden of baking your own cake is a great way to ensure control over what is served at your wedding. Nobody is going to care about the impression people leave your wedding with more than you do, and if you love baking for your friends and family, there could be no better occasion to do so once again than during your own wedding.

Also, you could save more than a few bucks by taking the DIY approach over a professional. Asking a professional to assemble and deliver the cake you want may cost you anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. Perhaps this may lie out of the reach of you and your better half, or perhaps you don’t agree and are wondering what the big deal is anyway. Whatever the case may be, doing it yourself could potentially be a way around the problem.

But there are points to consider before going down this route.

Doing your own cake takes a lot of time and preparation. A birthday cake is not a wedding cake, and the latter might require specialist equipment for which you may have to go online in order to acquire.

If you intend baking your own cake, be prepared to make sure that you have the right size of cake tins, enough space in your oven for baking several cakes at once, and also depending on the time of year, enough space in your fridge for chilling the cake.

You will also need to decide who delivers the cake, and then spend the hours up to delivery wondering if everything is going according to plan.

Most people prefer to be pampered and doted over as they sip champagne during the days leading up to their wedding. But given that a wedding cake must be done the day before the wedding, you can forget any of that. Instead, expect to be burdened by worry all the way up to the altar and a few hours beyond.

It might not even be an option for you to bake your own cake, because of the policies of your wedding venue. Some venues expect wedding caterers to have a food hygiene certified, to be insured for public liability, and also to do all their work from a kitchen certified by health agencies in charge.

Not many couples meet these standards.

On the other hand, in place of all these you can hand the preparation and delivery of your cake over to a pro. Professional bakers have the know-how and experience necessary to come up with a beautiful and delicious cake every single time. This comes at a price of course, but how much is your happiness and peace of mind worth?

If you hire professional expertise like the sort we offer, you can sit back and relax, just as you are meant to do on your wedding day.