Cookies Aren't All the Same


Ordering items from a local bakery gives you every opportunity to learn about what goes into your food as well as what costs go into your food. There is a lot that goes into specialty orders that you might not necessarily know. As always, it pays to be a get all the facts, be a smart shopper and make the best choice for your budget.

A customer came in and ordered 2 dozen large sugar cookies with specialized colors and friends names. While that isn't a hard deal -- it takes a little planning. First we bake off the cookies. Ideally, they are baked and dry overnight. This allows them to cool and harden for frosting or flooding the cookies. Remember that saying, I break, I cry ... We dry over broken cookies.

Flooding the cookies is a lot like painting a picture. There is foreground, background and edging. Depending on what you are looking for, we but a hard edge on the cookie, maybe outline different areas and then flood the different parts of the cookie with different colors. That also has to be allowed to dry. Without drying the cookie might run and create a runny mess.

Finally, we personalize it. With a name, color, number or whatever you would like. That too has to dry. And finally we bag it to keep it safe.

The chain store cookies that you see about 2 months before a holiday and are good for 6 months after the holiday are little different. Are cookies are baked and dried because they have fresh butter, eggs and heavy cream in the dough -- Check out some of those prepackaged cookies at the store -- not much butter in those.

Now there are plenty of YouTube videos showing mass production and I don't really want to bore you with that. I can tell you that each cookie we make are made with you, the customer, in mind. It takes several days and several process to get you the product you are looking for -- and that's ok. Know there is a person putting quality ingredients together - just for you.