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Cookies Aren't All the Same

A customer came in and ordered 2 dozen large sugar cookies with specialized colors and friends names. While that isn't a hard deal -- it takes a little planning.

Professional Bakers

About once a week we get a request for a last minute cake or dessert - this past was no difference.

Gluten Free - It's harder than it looks

Gluten-free flours are not cheap -- there are more than twice the cost of regular flour and working with them is not near as easy.

Keeping up with the Seasons - Tastes Change

As a cook and chef, I try and cook seasonally. Typically, what grows together - goes together. Baking is no different.

Diets and Desserts

As we have entered into a New Year, resolutions probably abound.

Something Cool for Christmas!

There are lots of webpages and files dedicated to what to NOT but for the Christmas -- Never once did I see gift card.

Holiday Cheer

The completion of the last of the turkey leftovers marks the beginning of that December Holiday Marathon.

Sending the Very Best isn't a Mystery

In 1944 when Hallmark started the slogan "when you care enough to send the very best" they knew they had a winner. Sending the very best is something that everyone can identify with and hope to accomplish.

The Gift of Love

A few days ago I found a delightful stocking stuffer at a local grocery store.

Holidays 2017

The Holidays are upon us! We will be offering a variety of thing to help you fill out your holiday table.