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Wedding Planning Ideas

Brides can take so many approaches to their wedding, it can make your head swim. Here are some ideas to check out!

Winter Desserts!

Now with Winter really, really, here, I find myself really interested in gooey, fudgy, cobblers and of course stews.

2018 -- All Done!

With 2018 behind us – except for the bills – its time to take stock – how did it go? The holidaze at least.

Summer Desserts!

Every year, the night before the Barre Heritage Festival kicks into high gear, there is a night of sweet music and sweet desserts. Come and Join us!

Wedding and Catering Events to Remember

One of the most current trends of the millennial generation or your people these days are experiences. Experiences over things.

Cookies Aren't All the Same

A customer came in and ordered 2 dozen large sugar cookies with specialized colors and friends names. While that isn't a hard deal -- it takes a little planning.

Professional Bakers

About once a week we get a request for a last minute cake or dessert - this past was no difference.

Gluten Free - It's harder than it looks

Gluten-free flours are not cheap -- there are more than twice the cost of regular flour and working with them is not near as easy.

Keeping up with the Seasons - Tastes Change

As a cook and chef, I try and cook seasonally. Typically, what grows together - goes together. Baking is no different.

Diets and Desserts

As we have entered into a New Year, resolutions probably abound.