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Who's Got a Graduate - Besides Me?

Planning out a graduation is about the cake or festivities -- but everything that sounds it.

Avoiding Vermont Wedding Pitfalls

Planning your ideal Vermont wedding can be a joy -- Flexibility is the key!


Breakfast on the Go doesn't have to be a muffin.

One Quarter Down

As we round out the first quarter of the year - How is it going?

Take Home Meals Can be a Game Changer!

Planning for a busy week isn't all that bad.

Why Do You Need a Local Bakery?

Local Bakeries are a hub of activity - Check it out.

Time Change - or Time for a Change

We get to start anew everyday. Here's another chance.

Summer Anyone?

Spending summers in Vermont - slowing down to the three months of warm weather

The Hardest Question - Business Questions

About once or twice a year, we really miss what a customer is looking for. It's really aggravating. We ask a lot of clarifying questions but sometimes that just isn’t enough.

Apple picking

As a business owner, dad and community member, we are all marking time. To say this year has been easy is clearly not true - on many levels. However, we have so much to be thankful for here in Vermont.