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Music and Desserts!

We offer a variety of desserts for the evenings at the Soiree Sucre.

Make it a Memorable Event!

Lots of the new trends in weddings and catering events call for an interactive guest to experience the event with them. Helping your guess gather and take in your experience will help to create an event to remember!

A Cookie is not Always a Cookie

Someone recently ordered cookies -- but not just any cookies. There is a difference and prices and you need to know what you are getting....

Amateurs and Professionals ~ You Decide

Make sure you know the risks when deciding on not on your needed services.

....and you want that Gluten Free...?

There is a lot of making something gluten free -- here is some general information.

Winter Taste

Keep it seasonal

New Year -- New Plan!

As we have entered into a New Year, resolutions probably abound.  As a prior military guy the only days you never really wanted to go to the gym is the month of January each year.  The gym would be packed…

Gift Cards Abound

A Gift card with all the options available!

Stretching that Holiday Cheer

How to stay mentally healthy and merry this holiday

Who Sends the Very Best? You!

in 1944 when Hallmark started the slogan "when you care enough to send the very best" they knew they had a winner.  Sending the very best is something that everyone can identify with and hope to accomplish. …