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New Year -- New Plan!

As we have entered into a New Year, resolutions probably abound.  As a prior military guy the only days you never really wanted to go to the gym is the month of January each year.  The gym would be packed…

Gift Cards Abound

A Gift card with all the options available!

Stretching that Holiday Cheer

How to stay mentally healthy and merry this holiday

Who Sends the Very Best? You!

in 1944 when Hallmark started the slogan "when you care enough to send the very best" they knew they had a winner.  Sending the very best is something that everyone can identify with and hope to accomplish. …

Apparently - Diamonds Aren't the Only Thing That Last for Forever

Santa Can Forget This Stocking Stuffer

Holidays 2017

The Holidays are upon us! We will be offering a variety of thing to help you fill out your holiday table. Our sales case will also be full of a variety of holiday goodies in the case throughout the holiday.…

Lunch with the Crew!

Lunch meetings don't just need to be about a stack of papers --- enjoy lunch on the go -- and not a burger and fries!


Finnish Shortbread appears on our menu and counter at the beginning of November. It's a great cookie served with hot tea of coffee. But remember -- in the Spring -- it will be gone.

5 Benefits of Take Home Prepared Meals

Before you plan that next trip to the fast food restaurant around the corner, you might want to take the time to consider out take home prepared meals. For over a decade, we have found pleasure in providing…

DIY Wedding Cake vs. Buying From a Pro

There are a million things to get right if you are going to have that dream wedding you’ve always wanted, and one of the most important of these is the wedding cake. For something that will act as the…