2018 -- All Done!

christmas decor

With 2018 behind us – except for the bills – its time to take stock – how did it go? The holidaze at least.

I have finished my last Christmas cookie, taking down the Christmas Cards (yes we still get them) and pulled the tree out into the yard for taking to composting. The last thing I do each year is plan for the next. Did I maximize my time with the season (religious or not) to really enjoy all I could during this festive time – Unfortunately, I did not. I gotta fix this – I say, here’s my plan.

I pulled out my calendar – that’s right – my calendar. Facebook has already reminded me there are only 345 sleeps till Christmas and there are plenty of things to happen between then and now! We try and try to pack so much into the last 4 weeks of the year – it’s a blur. So here’s my plan.

In my house, we put up the greenery on the inside right after Halloween. The greenery itself helps remind us the holidays approaching. We don’t forsake Thanksgiving at all – but just greenery does add to the thanksgiving season.

During this time, we start thinking about meals, holiday parties, and things are we really like and things that aren’t as important to us as a family. Your local baker can do a lot of things to help you enjoy the most of your holiday.

The weekly take home meals can give you a break to get the most out of your evenings or planning a gathering with local neighborhood families and friends. You can also share that season of thanks by gifting a meal to others.

While local gatherings can be a real drag just getting it all together – a great centerpiece, a good cake or a variety of bars and cookies make the evening more special and more festive. You are there to enjoy time with your friends and family – not stress.