About Delicate Decadence

For over 10 years, we have welcomed our guests with the scents of freshly baked bagels and warm coffee. Consider it our own way of catering to Vermont’s greatest resource: its people.

Rumor has it that our pastries are the one of the best in Central Vermont; but we’re not the type to brag about something like that. We started this journey with goal of creating a bakery where everyone who would appreciate a warm smile with their coffee would feel welcome.

So head on down and have a coffee with us. And while you’re at it, grab a pastry.

But great things are seldom experienced alone; we know that. Bring along your family for a family dinner. Or take the goodness home with our weekly take home meals.

Whether by savoring the seasonal creations of Chef Tim or through any service we offer to ensure the success of your events and occasions in the Green Mountain State, it is our sincere wish that with us you get to experience the very best of Vermont.

Don't just believe us - Here is the article that appeared in The Best of Central Vermont Magazine!

About Chef Tim

Chef Tim Boltin brings many years of cooking and cultural exposure to culmination at Delicate Decadence. While from the Deep South, he combines all that with his 15 years in Europe and his love of food. Every morning the bakery is filled with the smell of fresh bagels, sweet treats and warm coffee.

Another Way to Serve

After retiring from the US air force, it was time embark on a new career. Due to his natural love of good food, culinary was always on the backburner. It wasn’t long before the New England culinary institute (NECI) helped move that to the front.

Tim has worked at Sugarbush under direction of the acclaimed chef, Gerry Nooney. And Tim still enjoys the benefit of Gerry’s advice in many aspects of the business.

As a local business, we feel strongly about our connection to the community. We support many organizations either monetarily or with goods and services. Some of the things we support, Department of Education, Department of Justice. Adult Basic Education, Department of Labor, Barre Elementary School, Websterville Christian Academy, the Navigators, Faith Community Church, Green Peace, the Good Samaritan Haven, Compassion international, the Barre Heritage Festival, and others! If you approach us to support you or your function, the main thing we consider is your patronage to this business. Consider approaching those you do business with for support.